Susan (Or Sukey) Furber

F, b. 8 November 1795, d. 20 September 1874


     Susan (Or Sukey) Furber was born on 8 November 1795.2


     Susan (Or Sukey) Furber died on 20 September 1874 at age 78.2


     As of 6 April 1817,her married name was Abbott (Furber). Susan (Or Sukey) Furber married Joseph C. Abbott on 6 April 1817 at Hartford, Vermont.3,2 Susan (Or Sukey) Furber married Martin L. Peterson on 14 February 1830 at Woodstock, Vermont.3,2 As of 14 February 1830,her married name was Peterson (Furber).
FatherNathaniel Furber1 b. 12 Aug 1762, d. 26 May 1836
MotherAbigail Kimball1 b. 2 Jul 1764, d. 18 Jan 1827
     Susan (Or Sukey) Furber was also known as Susan Furber.


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