Elizabeth Martyn



     Elizabeth Martyn was born at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.1 She was born on 31 July 1662.2


circa 1680As of circa 1680,her married name was Kennard (Martyn).
3 April 1706Elizabeth Martyn married Lieut William Furber, son of Sergt. William Furber and Elizabeth Clark, on 3 April 1706.3,4
3 April 1706As of 3 April 1706,her married name was Furber (Martyn).
27 December 1708As of 27 December 1708,her married name was Nason (Martyn).
before 1710Elizabeth Martyn and an unknown person have also been reported to have married before 1710; Before 1710, she married ----- NASON.5


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