Abigail Kimball1

F, b. 2 July 1764, d. 18 January 1827


     Abigail Kimball was born on 2 July 1764 at Hopkinton, New Hampshire.6


     Abigail Kimball died on 18 January 1827 at Hartland, Vermont, at age 62.6


     Abigail Kimball married Nathaniel Furber, son of Nathaniel Furber and Sarah Underwood, in 1786.6 As of 1786,her married name was Furber (Kimball).1
FatherTimothy Kimball1,2,3,4
MotherSarah (?)5,2,3,4

Family: Nathaniel Furber b. 12 Aug 1762, d. 26 May 1836


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